This questions is the most frequent question asked; and rightfully so. At the end of the day it comes down to cost and benefit. However, this question is filled with many variables, too many to come up with an accurate number. This is like asking a restaurant how much for a sandwich? I’m thinking the cost of baloney sandwich on dry bread might be a little different cost then the gourmet Monte Christo. This is just a comparison. Let’s stick to the basics, every sandwich needs bread to be classified as a sandwich and every website need to be called something (Url) for it to be classified as a website. And every sandwich need to an appetite to go to, just as a website need to be hosted somewhere. Now what’s in between the bread is where the variables costs come into play.

So let’s break this down to the basics so everyone understands what their being changed for…

Parts to a website

Url (Uniform resource locator) – cost

Again, this is your website name or locator.

If your business is small to medium and you acquire a unique name then you might be able to achieve your Url and hosting costs for under $200 for the year. It also important to remember no matter what your site looks or costs to develop you will always have these other two parts and their associated costs.

Hosting – cost

This is the place where your website lives or is parked, think of it as rental space on the web. This cost will depend on the hosting company and their packages. Costs for hosting could run from five dollars to hundreds per month. This cost will also be reoccurring long after your development.

Thinking of both these costs on a yearly bases is the safest way to look at it.

Because this is a reoccurring cost is it wise understand only what your business necessities are and not necessarily all the packages out here. If you have questions about what your website needs as far as hosting, ask your developer.

Coding – time

The website cost is strictly based on time spent to develop it. This service is usually charged on an hourly bases. The time it takes also depends on the skills and resources of the developer. Having said that development shop rates may vary. This is why shopping for the right developer could be the most important step.


After you acquired both the Url and hosting and developed your website or a website with several applications added on to it, the cost could go from a couple hundred to thousands.

So at the end of the day remember, how much does it cost for a website? And how much does it cost for a sandwich? Have similar variables to ponder.

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    In my experience there is always a work around to everything. All we can do is try to read as many comments and responces from past users about the product, then make your best choice to what works for you.

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