Hosting is the physical place your website lives. This is the websites location or its home. The final destination to your search. All the code that created your site, plus your address (URL) live here. Your web address is pointing directly at where your site is being hosted, like a phone number reaching its user at the end of the line.

If your business is small to medium and you acquired a unique name then you might be able to achieve your Url and hosting costs for under $200 for the year. And this by no means is saying it’s cheap; think of it as it’s limited! Hosting companies need to look at their customers as well, and understand why you should pay for thousands of gigs of storage and databases if your business doesn’t need them. Rest assured several hosting packages exist that are geared for businesses who only desire a web presents for now, no bells and whistle at the moment. And of course other package are full on with mega space and data servers available for businesses who need that or a small business when it’s ready for it.