The term SEO is an acronym and stands for Search Engine Optimization. This in my opinion is one of the best marketing tool used on the internet today.

  1. Its low costing vs conventional push marketing techniques
  2. Site management will do most of the work
  3. Can saves the business owner money in the long run

At the end of the day this is referring to what page your website shows up or how well your website ranks when someone types a search string. For example if someone types “car tires Lethbridge” into the search box, the search engine will find the sites that are optimized for “car tires Lethbridge” and the rest are either close, unrelated or spam. Then the engine will list the sites in order of relevance base on their algorithm to achieve the best results. And rightfully so, a search engines job is to deliver the best search result. There was a time when almost no matter what you typed you got poker, spam or explicit materials. Believe me it’s a lot better now.

So ask yourself this, if you sell tires and a potential customer is surfing the web with a need for your service. Is it important to your business to be on the first or second page of the search?

On the other side of the coin, if your need is centralization of information and your employees are collecting data at remotely so big boss or management can see it from their location. Then search engine optimization may not be so important in this case. Furthermore if your website is used as an intranet site (internal only) then SEO is defiantly not needed.

Most of us now do our searching online, It might be important to decide if your business requires a high search result to compete with your market or not.