Yes, it’s a good idea to become familiar with some web developing terminology as we just finished. This will definitely save you loads of time and ensure you receive the product your business requires.

Here is a simple three step checklist:

  1. Shop around, ask questions and run some checks
    1. Questions
    2. Checks to run
  2. Decided what you want
    1. Functionality (web presence, ecommerce, web app)
    2. Look at other website that resemble what you’re looking for (examples always help)
    3. Prepare your content (explain products or services, about your company, or galleries)
  3. Meet with a developer

(Checklist before you call)

  1. Choice is my choice made for Website, web app or both
  2. Do I require S.E.O.?
  3. Do I require website management (ex. Obtaining the Url and Hosting options)?
  4. Do I have my content ready?
    1. Call the developer of your choice
    2. Expect a few discussions for larger projects
    3. If not offered, request an overview of how they interoperate your product before payment arrangements