The guardian package is intended to bring freedom and peace of mind to those who wish to outsource the maintenance, upkeep, changes, security concerns, and search engine ranking results of their website; and social media accounts.

For a monthly price of $199 this package includes the following services:

Updates and Upgrades

Update and upgrades are used to keep your website up to current standards thus keeping your website up to speed. According to google if your speed lags the search engine will penalize your website and may drop your ranking.

Your website has many parts to it. The parts we are referring to could be the website template, web transmission forms, security, database, all plugins and any other functions your website may have. These items require monthly and sometimes bi weekly monitoring and attention. (this depends on the program developer who releases the updates and upgrades)

Social Media Accounts

Let us setup or become an admin with your social media accounts. We then post or place targeted ads on your behalf.

Client: The clients provides us with the content, such as specials, discounts, events, features, etc.

Tetra4: With just an email from the client, will post this information across all social media account.

Google AdSense & Bing Ads

Client: Would like to place an ad with google or Bing (the two most popular search engines) The client also knows what type of target they would like to their advertising to be pointed to.

Tetra4: With just an email from the client, we will customise the ad placement and launch the campaign with the selected search engines.

Site Migration Services

This service offers migration (links) from your website to other sites on the web. Think of your website being the head of an octopus and the tentacles being social media accounts, social media posts, google maps, friendly websites such as the chamber of commerce member profile or business web directory, analytic tracking, API keys and web form email. These items will require identification key or links which go back to and from your website. This setup and service is what we refer to as website migration. This is also a great way to show the search engine that you are creditable, and others trust you.

Web Traffic Tracking

Website tracking involves analytic tools, additional coding and web migration. After the link is made the tracking begins and monthly behavior reports are sent to the client. This report contains stats such as new and returning visitors, inclines and declines of web traffic, and the behavior of the visitors while visiting. This is valuable information when designing an effective advertising campaign. Also, good information to know how your image presents itself on the web.

Daily website backups

Theses days there are fewer and fewer cases of website going down, however it still happens. In the event of such cases or any case in which the website is compromised, we run sematic backups on a daily schedule. This service is for both the website the database that comes with it. This backup gives us the leverage of relaunching your product in a fast and efficient manner if such issues occur.

1 Free Minor Revision

The minor revision would consist of adding or subtracting a section or portion of the website in order to freshen up or polish its appeal. For example, colour, text or image changes would be considered minor revisions.

A major revision would be the replacement or installation of a new page or new function of the website. Such as a new blog page (when one previously didn’t exist) or new ecommerce shopping capabilities. These would be considered major revisions.